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Innovative Design, Cost Effective Pricing

EvoBead is one of Britain’s most innovative manufacturers and suppliers of EPS bead for use in cavity wall insulation. We have established the first EPS bonded bead manufacturing facility in South Wales, delivered by a team with more than 100 years of experience.

EvoBead manufactures a high-quality product that is KIWA BDA approved. We provide innovative solutions for delivery as well as a range of payment terms to help keep your business running smoothly.

All EvoBead installers use the Climabead cavity wall insulation system; with fewer drill holes required, the system is quicker, cleaner and has less visual impact on the property. It improves health and safety at install and reduces insulation costs with no reduction in quality or performance.

In addition to a market leading product and sales approach, we provide installer companies with full training and technical support.

EvoBead – introduction to EPS Beading

Main Benefits To Installers

low loader kit out for installers of Evobead EPS System

Benefits of EvoBead
EPS System

  • Reduced Drill Pattern 75% less than other cwi systems
  • Quicker Install times and improved safety on site
  • Full accreditation by KIWA and accepted by NHBC
  • Thermoscopic lance approved
  • Highest quality EPS on the market utilising the newest and greenest technologies in Raw EPS
  • 25 year guarantees with several bodies (IAA/GDGC)
  • Delivery methods to suit customers
  • 24 hr technical support from leadership team with over 100 years experience

How Installers Earn More Money


Property TypeStandard Party WallParty Wall Funding using Evobead
3 bed end terrace*£1835.40£2294.25
3 bed mid terrace*£3175.203969.00
3 bed semi terrace*£1705.202131.50

(*Examples based on average property size installing both party walls. Properties having electric
storage heating and using £0.30 per LBS)

Evobead Now Approved ECO3 Innovation Status 

We are now pleased to announce that our Climabead all weather product has been awarded Energy Company Obligation Innovation Status.This makes it the only party wall insulation system of it’s kind that supports social housing in accessing ECO3 funding for D rated properties. This has opened up energy efficiency opportunities for around 5 million homes (10 million party walls) across the UK.

  • Providing a 25% uplift in ECO 3 funding.
  • 100% funded installation measure
  • 25 years CIGA guarantee
  • Improved sound and thermal comfort
  • Whole house retrofit solution
  • A step forward in supporting landlords to achieve EPC rating of C and above      by 2030.
  • Non intrusive installation technique
  • ECO3 Primary Measure Qualifying

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Installer Equipment And Essential Parts

  • Use our technical team for on site support
  • Improve install times
  • Prevent costly downtime

01443 228 584

Party Wall Insulation

Our Climabead all weather  system has now been awarded ECO3 innovation status by Ofgem.  Around 28% of UK housing – approximately 5 million homes – could benefit from party wall insulation.

If you live in a semi-detached or terraced property, it’s likely that you have a gap in the wall between you and your neighbour which is called a party wall. We can now insulate this wall quickly and easily using special technology. Insulating the party wall reduces noise between houses, keeps the home even warmer, and saves money on your energy bills. Due to our new innovation status, we are open to working with installers and housing associations to tackle the climate emergency wall by wall.

See our short video on how our Climabead system works.

  • Industry Leading

    The EvoBead EPS product has been tested and approved by KIWA and comes with a 10-year product guarantee for new build homes. EvoBead is also the certified manufacturer and system designer of the Climabead EPS insulation bead system. The Climabead system comes with a 25-year CIGA guarantee as standard.

  • Least Intrusive

    Our unique system allows bead to be injected more efficiently and with 50% fewer installation holes when compared to the other methods on the market. The system is therefore a fast, clean and efficient – satisfying both customer and installer. We also provide unique solutions for hard-to-treat properties.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team has more than 100 years of combined industry experience. We offer market leading technical support and customer care for our customers. This includes 50% more quality surveillance than industry requirements, meaning your teams on the ground have all the support they need to deliver the best possible results.

  • Highest Quality EPS Bead

    At EvoBead the entire process, from the start of production to the completion of installation is stringently monitored. The result is a high-quality and industry award-winning bead which has no water absorption and delivers a thermal rating of 0.033 W/mK. This makes it the most effective, long-lasting and energy-efficient insulation product on the market today.

  • Bespoke Supply

    The way in which we supply the bead varies from customer to customer. This is to ensure that we meet the unique needs of each individual project and provide value for money. We can provide guidance and support to each and every one of our customers on the setup of storage facilities as well as provide a responsive and reliable delivery service.

  • Party Wall Insulation

    We’re the only EPS bead manufacturer in the UK that is certified for Party Wall Insulation installation. Our ‘Climabead Party Wall Insulation System’ has been approved ‘innovation’ status within the Energy Company Obligation. This allows for funded installation in Social Housing EPC band ‘D’ homes, meaning our clients can distinguish themselves from their competitors & improve more homes.

EvoBead & New Builds

The Climabead EPS bead product and system has a thermal rating of 0.033 W/mK and ensures a full fill on every property.

The EPS bead is installed via the inner walls of a new build property once it is made watertight. This means that no external drilling is required and by completing the works prior to the internal walls being decorated, there are no visual drill holes anywhere on the building.

The durability of the Climabead product mean that its thermal performance will remain fully effective for the life of the property. Every new build property installed using Climabead will also come with a 10-year system guarantee.

New build insulation with Climabead is significantly more cost-effective than rigid insulation boards. By comparison, the Climabead system has no storage costs and there is no waste to be disposed of. In addition, brick laying quotes should be cheaper and brick laying times quicker without the requirement to install rigid boards.

a picture of EPS Beads used in bean bags and insulation
  • Manufacturing Process

    The beads arrive ranging from 0.9 – 1.6mm in diameter, manufactured to contain a low proportion of pentane gas. We then use a KIWA approved process to expand, dry & age the beads, ensuring they maintain their structural integrity.

  • Delivery and Storage

    The beads are firstly stored safely in anti-spill silos before they are transferred to specially adapted transport trailers ready for delivery to site. Once onsite, they can be decanted into an onsite silo or trailer for later install.

  • Technical Support

    We offer all our installers a full technical advice service, which provides peace of mind. We also offer an extensive range of training, equipment and an onsite technical support to ensure high quality installation.

evobead installation process

The Installation Process

The Climabeads are installed using a bonding agent; this is a water-based acrylic emulsion which comes ready made in the form of 25 Litre plastic drums or 1 tonne IBC containers.

There are two types of bonding agent, ‘summer mix’ and ‘winter mix’’. The summer mix needs to be stored and used in temperatures between 5°C – 20°C, whereas the winter mix can be stored and used in temperatures between -5°C – 10°C.

If you’re looking for a quality EvoBead approved network installer in your region, please contact us by clicking the link below or calling 01443 228 584

Installation of eps beads

Who Do We Cater For?

  • Home Owners

    Home hard to heat? Expensive utility bills? Look no further than EvoBead. Our trained installers have installed Climabead EPS bead into thousands of properties across the UK, helping our clients to have warmer homes and reduce their energy bills.

  • Housing Developers

    Climabead EPS is the cheapest & quickest way to provide a quality, compliant solution when insulating new build properties. The cost is a fraction of the price of ridged boards, with no need for storage as well as cheaper brick laying quotes.

  • Local Authorities

    We have manufactured & supplied EPS bead for many local authority cavity wall insulation programmes across the country, which look to upgrade & improve the insulation performance of their resident’s homes.

  • Network Installers

    EvoBead not only provide great technical support to all of our network of installers, we also assist with ECO Funding options, and we provide hot leads for both new builds & residential properties that require insulation works.



How Can EvoBead Help?

Around 5 million UK homes have been built with a cavity wall dividing neighbouring properties. While this cavity reduces the transfer of sound, it also allows cold air to move between the walls which results in unnecessary heat loss.

The Climabead system reduces heat loss by eliminating this air movement whilst ensuring the party wall still acts as an effective sound barrier.

EvoBead party wall insulation can be delivered through one of our networks of trained and registered installers. All EvoBead installers are PAS 2030 compliant, TrustMark approved and are audited and monitored to ensure compliance with our accredited system requirements.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Hassle free installation – no need to install from within the property
  • Fully tested – 25-year CIGA guarantee and KIWA BDA approved
  • Reduced visual impact on the exterior of the property due to reduced drilling
  • Suitable for new build and retrofit
  • Quick and clean to install
  • High performance materials are pest, fungus and mould proof
  • Improved product thermal performance

Who Are EvoBead?

EvoBead is based in South Wales and was set up in 2017.

EvoBead is the certified manufacturer for the innovative Climabead cavity wall insulation system, which is exclusively used by EvoBead registered installers.

EvoBead offers product, training and access to funding to an extended installer network.

Simon McCutcheon

Commercial and Operations Director

Simon has worked on all sides of delivering cavity wall insulation. Technical expertise is combined with customer focus to ensure all existing and new partners are given the support they need to succeed. Simon is first point of contact for new partners, but also for homeowners and housebuilders looking for advice.

Devon Williams

Technical Manager

A long career in the industry ensures Devon is the right person to deliver our comprehensive training and offer unlimited technical support to our customers. Devon looks after our network of installers and monitors compliance.

Steve Morgan

Technical Support Team

With over 17 years experience, Stephen is our leading technical expert on all installations – overseeing our technical inspectors and keeping a close eye on quality and customer service.

Kaye Welfare

Partnership Director

Kaye has been involved in energy efficiency for over 25 years working in private, public and voluntary sector roles. She has a wealth of knowledge on fuel poverty, health & affordable warmth, which she uses in her role developing new partnerships & opportunities.

Anthony Burrows

Technical Support Team

Anthony has over 17 years in the industry with various roles in installations, technical system design and development. Anthony oversees the factory day to day.

a picture of EPS Beads used in bean bags and insulation

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