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EvoBead is a market leader in the production of high-performance EPS bead for cavity wall insulation and the certified manufacturer of the Climabead system, which is supplied to our network across the UK.

We are trusted by the country’s leading builders and installers to supply bead for retrofit cavity wall insulation and new build insulation.

We believe that our install and system innovations, along with cost competitiveness, technical support and supply responsiveness make EvoBead a must-have partner for any installer.

Our technical support package available to our network of installers includes training and 50% more quality surveillance compared to other manufacturers of EPS Bead in the UK.

EvoBead – introduction to EPS Beading
  • More Economical

    • Competitive Pricing
    • Several payment options to suit your business
    • Less wear and tear on equipment
  • Comprehensive Training

    • Full system training and support
    • Over 100 years combined experience
    • 50 % more surveillance on quality of work
  • Greater Efficiency

    • 50% fewer drilling/injection holes compare to conventional bead patterns
    • 33% reduction in ladder movements
    • Access lance to assist with property obstructions
  • Flexibility

    • Can fill a cavity from 40mm upwards
    • Install high-rises up to 12m
    • Can be installed in party walls
  • Cleaner & Safer

    • Reduction in HAV injuries
    • Reduction in dust on site
a picture of EPS Beads used in bean bags and insulation

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